Crete Swim

Introducing a new adventure guide for people who love to travel and SWIM

  • A pioneering swim travel guide with over 20 locations around the Mediterranean island of Crete, where open water swimmers can discover routes between 25 meters and 6 km that have a particular beauty, novelty, scenery, or history.

  • Explore impressive marine caves, fabulous beaches, circumnavigate islets, and swim through tunnels, gorges, and under sea arches.

  • Swim in a bay where the great Odysseus once anchored his ships on his way to Troy, or over a WWII ship sunk on its way to rescue Allied troops.

  • Experience amazing night swims to marvel at the brilliant stars above and flashing bioluminescent plankton below.

  • Read extensive tips on open water swimming techniques, safety, preparation, gear, and navigation (piloting).

  • Includes short swims for beginners, more difficult routes for advanced swimmers, and all are great for kayaking and stand-up paddling.

  • Each location has a satellite map of routes, accurate GPS coordinates, and photography to guide the swimmer.

  • Enjoy a dynamic ebook version from Amazon or Apple Books that can be read immediately. All information links and GPS coordinates are clickable.

  • For a paperback, choose between the recommended full-color edition or a black-and-white version.

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